• JanelleR

There is No Better Friend Than A Sister, There is No Better Sister Than You!

Yes, I am Mary Jane's sister! My name is Janelle and I am the Buyer and e-Commerce Manager for Mary Jane's. I love working for my sister, but more than that I love working for such an amazing company that Mary and her husband, Steve, own. They are amazingly smart and kind business owners and bosses!

Having Mary Jane as a sister is like having a celebrity in the family. Growing up Mary was the COOLEST big sister! She knew how to french braid hair, had the best clothes, the cutest boyfriends and the biggest hair!! She was an amazing role model. She had the best grades and worked multiple jobs to earn money to buy all her heart's desires, including a waterbed (whatever happened to waterbeds? They were so cool!). As I got older Mary has become such an amazing friend and was always and still is the source of great advice!

When she called me in July of 2017 and asked if I would be willing to move my family to Colorado to manage her store in Steamboat Springs, I was thrilled. Excited for the adventure, eager for something new, and extremely flattered she was entrusting in me one of the stores she and her husband had worked so hard to establish. So after the consent of my husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs, we packed up and moved to Steamboat Springs, CO. I immediately fell in love with Mary Jane's! Working in retail management was not new to me, but working for such a cute boutique was. I loved what I was selling, which makes a difference! I developed a passion for making connections with every guest. I shared hugs (pre-COVID), laughs and tears with many customers. Each one I would tell my story to would tell me how great of a sister I was for moving across the country to manage one of my sister's stores and each time I would assure them that I was the lucky one to get this opportunity.