♥♥ Custom Hand Forged Bangle:  This sterling silver personalized and hand stamped bangle bracelet is made with a custom message:

Kona  Hilo  Waikoloa  Honakaa  Waimea  Pahoa

Honokaa is spelled incorrectly on this bangle, we apologize for our error, and have clearanced this bangle.


♥♥ This is a heavy gauge sterling silver bangle, measuring 4mm wide by 2mm thick. Each piece is custom made by hand with it's own uniqueness and not a mass produced look. You may see seams, uneven lettering, etc. These are made by our artists two hands, not a machine. So expect to see 'imperfections'.....Perfectly imperfect! No two will ever be the same.  This is considered to be a “medium bracelet” - 2.5 inches in diameter

Big Island Destinations Bangle