“Pivot”, they said.  But I wasn't ready to pivot.  We had four amazing boutiques in beautiful destination locations. 

“Adapt, if you want to survive”, they said.  But hadn't I already been adapting the past fourteen years, trying to perfect the product assortments and systems we now had in place?  It seemed we were finally seeing the fruition of our labors and our boutiques were seeing the success we had dreamed about.

“Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”, wait – that’s what my paddling mentor always says, but it’s true here too.   During the Spring 2020 coronavirus quarantine, it became clear that we needed to take a step in a new direction if we were going to hold onto the brand that my husband and I had worked so hard to achieve.

So, after many years of our guests asking us if we had a website, it was Covid-19 and it’s far reaching grasp on our business, that made us take the “uncomfortable step” of opening an on-line store.  Our hope is that this "new location" will represent our brick and mortar boutiques with a curated collection of your favorite products that you can shop from the comfort of your home.  We hope you will come with us as we pivot, adapt, and reach out of our traditional comfort zone!

From our door to yours…

Steve and Mary Jane Smithson

Steve and Mary Jane in their first location in Estes Park, CO - May 2006

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