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Community is NOT an Idea, it IS People

We LOVE our Mary Jane's family!! We want to introduce you to Nan Rosenbaum, our store manager in Steamboat Springs, CO. Nan has been part of the Mary Jane's family for a year. We were so lucky to have Nan come join our family last year in the middle of a pandemic. She has a wealth of experience in retail and customer service. We hear over and over again how Nan provides a heartfelt welcome and a memorable experience when guests step inside Mary Jane's and we are very thankful to have her! Below she is going to share about something that means a lot to her, community.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado…My name is Nan and I am the store manager at Mary Jane's in Steamboat Springs. I moved here from Nebraska almost 3 years ago. I have visited this beautiful town all my life, honeymooned here 34 years ago, and when I got the chance, I moved here! I love it because there is so much to do all year round and the weather is gorgeous. No Nebraska humidity! I also chose Steamboat Springs because of the Community – Steamboat Springs is so much more than just a ski resort.

That strong sense of community has been on full display over the past year. It has supported the local businesses when we needed it most - when the visitors we count on couldn’t visit. The COVID scale has gone up and down, and through it all, we’ve stuck together and grown stronger.

Our neighboring businesses on 7th and Lincoln have supported each other, too. Mary Jane's neighbor,

Taspen's Organics, opened in January of 2020, only to have to shut down 2 months later. COVID restrictions forced them to move all their samples from the floor to behind the counter. I get my favorite tea, lip balm and eye cream there! The Elevated Olive, across the street, had to discontinue their normal sampling of oils and vinegars. I can never be without their Garlic Olive Oil! Our local stores are facing unique challenges – but still great local products.

Supporting local restaurants has been important to everyone as we shifted from the busy summer season where people could eat outside, to the snow season, when mother-nature isn’t always cooperating. Skull Creek Greek, one of the restaurants on our corner, has kept us nourished with Gyros and salads through all the changes from season to season. My go to Gyro is the Falafel with Prometheus Tzatziki. Try it the next time you are in town!

New businesses have opened and thrived, which is so exciting to see! CuCu Leather, down toward 7th and Yampa, opened June 5th, shortly after Routt County re-opened in May. Owner Margot Binetti can make you custom boots, belts and bags. If you want some yummy pickles, pick some up from their local foods section! She’s crafting stunning chaps for the Routt County Fair Queens. I am so looking forward to County

Fairs and Rodeos again!

Steamboat Fun and Games opened the day after Thanksgiving, bringing toys, puzzles and board games for all ages to our block just in time for Christmas. Their handsome French Bulldog, Hercules, is always happy to greet new visitors! I purchased the Puzzle and Game, “Foul Play and Cabernet”, and have it waiting for those nights when we are snowed in.

Mary Jane’s has gone through changes, too, adding an online shop so our customers can shop with us,

no matter where they are. Whether you long for the mountains, or sand beneath your toes – there’s a selection of clothing, jewelry and gifts for all ages online or in our stores in Steamboat Springs and Estes Park, Colorado, and Waikoloa or Kamuela in Hawaii.

We are a Family of stores, embracing our community, lending a helping hand, and looking forward to seeing your smiling faces, not just your eyes. You bring us joy and we thank you for continuing to brighten our days!

We want to share with you the websites of the businesses Nan mentioned so that you too can support these wonderful places in the Steamboat Springs!

and of course, !!

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